Incredible Adventures

Interactive motion movies for the whole family!

Interactive Motion Movies. Brought to you by Incredible Adventures.

Star in you own motion Movie! Incredible Adventures combines Green Screen technology with synchronized motion, making YOU the Hollywood Star in your own animated movie.

Actors perform in front of a green screen and then magically transformed into a live action scene of a animated movie. Whether it’s your favourite superhero leaping off a building or a solider fighting aliens in space, green screen technology is used.

Using the same techniques used by the greatest movie producers in today’s Hollywood Blockbusters, we put you in the middle of the action. You are the star.

Galaxy Multi Rides has developed a new interactive motion simulator, which combines synchronized motion with the live action in the movie. You the “star” you will have the choice of starring in a range of animated movies where you will be sat in or on a themed ride in front of a green screen.

You will experience an exciting motion ride whilst at the same time will be directed to act out various tasks by the movie Director. When the ride is finished you will be presented with a unique DVD of your performance, which you can take home and share with your friends & family.